Sipols Software was founded and is managed by Michael Sipols. He is an honours degree qualified aerospace engineer with more than five years experience as a mechanical engineer in the building services industry. Michael founded Sipols Software to explore the possibilities for mobile applications to better serve the HVAC industry.

Michael grew up in Adelaide, South Australia where his talent in mathematics, science and computing showed through his schooling, twice topping the state in grade level IT competitions and graduating from The Heights School with straight ‘A’s. He then went on to the University of Adelaide where he gained broadly applicable knowledge of advanced mathematics and engineering principles, earning 1st class honours in Aerospace Engineering. As his honours project, he designed and built a pulsejet powered UAV.

His passion for the sustainability and the environment led him to Climatech ACT, where he worked to deliver energy efficient commercial air conditioning solutions. Starting in a lean company like Climatech allowed Michael to develop skills across a range of disiplines beyond engineering, including estimating, contract administration, technical writing, data analysis and IT systems administration. Together with a strong multidisciplinary team, Michael’s dedication and technical skills built the Climatech brand into one of Australia’s foremost HVAC contractors.

Michael’s talent was recognised by Climatech ACT, who promoted him to a director of the company within two years of joining. This enabled him to develop managerial skills and enahnce his strategic planning abilities. Michael also mentored Climatech’s engineering team, helping to grow them into productive members of their team. He still kept his boots planted firmly on the ground, delivering engineering expertise across NABERS and Green Star projects as well as drafting and commissioning when required.

After more than five years at Climatech, Michael needed a new challenge. So he founded Sipols Software to branch out into the emerging mobile arena.

His core competencies include engineering, mathematics, physics, programming (especially Java), mobile development, data analysis, CAD and sustainability.

Michael is a key part of the Sipols Software team, who can consult on your project. He may also be available for separate employment, if you’ve got an interesting position in mind.