Are we a HVAC consultancy or software developers?

We’ve had some queries coming in as a result of the new website, so some folks aren’t quite sure whether we develop software or work on construction projects. Luckily the answer is simple – we do both!

Our team’s experience prior to Sipols Software is mostly on the building services side. So as a result, we’ve been able to secure a nice pipeline of work consulting on HVAC projects locally in Canberra. This gives us a solid, reliable income stream where our team can use their existing skills.

However, the company is called Sipols Software and software is where we want to end up doing the bulk of our work. Our first projects blurred these lines further by targetting apps specifically at the construction industry. These construction-specific apps have been some of our most successful software projects so we will continue to emphasize this area, using our expertise in construction as a unique selling point for our software. From a web presence point of view the vast bulk of our software sales are through external storefronts, where customers never encounter our website. So we further emphasize the HVAC side of the business here and the software side on our external storefronts.

We aim to continue expanding the software side of the business, but HVAC provides a solid income stream which is critical during our startup phase and a point of differentiation for the software business.